Funny jokes – The reason to smile

21 May

In my busy days the only thing that helped me keep smiling and come out from stress is funny jokes messages sent from my friends. Funny gags can be sent during any occasion and any time as long as the message recipients are able to understand the funny part of it. I forward the funny messages which I receive from my friends to others and bring smile on their face too. These messages can be sent as a wedding, love message or birthday messages as well. A funny text could even be a just a simple joke which is meant to bring some laughter and lighter moments. I usually share such messages with my loved ones and friends and with my colleagues as well. During work pressure these jokes acts as the laughter tools that make all of us keep smiling and handle any situation positively.

Where to find funny messages?

Funny messages could be offensive sometimes and thus, they need to be sent with extra care. These messages can undeniably bring lots of fun in a group; however they must be done within certain limits. Such messages are very common among the youth as well as older people. When sending funny jokes, I think wisely about the recipients especially when I send it to new friends.
I found large collection of jokes, funny messages, and short funny stories online. I select only such funny jokes and messages which I can forward to most of my dear ones and friends. With the wide number of jokes blogs and website, I can daily collect some fresh and newest jokes which are funny and filled with lotsof humor. I can easily find different categories and jokes on several subjects such as knock-knock jokes, wedding jokes, political jokes and lots more online. I select only those that are suitable to send during the occasion of either it might be birthdays, weddings or love jokes. According to me the best source to get the huge collection of jokes is over the internet. There are even several joke books available in the market having some good healthy and funny jokes as well.

Funny SMS makes us happier

Funny SMS jokes are intended for almost everyone since humor is the only ways that can brighter our moods. Jokes works as a medicine for me to come out from mood swings and brighten my day. I recently received a gift with a funny message from my friend which actually made my day. Rather than gift, the funny message made me much happier. Learning to share funniest jokes can factually the change way of perceiving things, be it might be hard situation at abode or a boring job. I love to share jokes and keep smiling always; this has made me more cheerful and liver than before. Jokes simply mean laughs and laughter is a pure indication happiness, jolliness and enjoyment. Whenever I feel stressed out or low I read jokes and talk to my friends, this makes me come out from my stress and happier.

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Funny jokes – A healthy way to initiate conversation

12 Mar

In the current scenario, messaging is the most popular means of conversation. Most of them don’t have time to read messages in their bust schedule, even if they see also they just delete it without reading it. Each and every one of usare ready to accept the smile that comes in search of usas it helps us to get relieved with the stressof their workplace. The best solution is to send funny jokes.

Where to get chistes cortos buenos?

I want each and every friend to smile always irrespective of the situation.Smiles have million worth value. So planned to send funny jokes for them. But I was not aware of not even singlejoke and didn’t know to frame it as well. So I started searching over internet for funny jokes. I went through many portals that offer a quite huge collection of jokes. I just subscribed to one of those websites and daily started getting best of best funny jokes. I am very thankful to the reliable supply of those messages regularly and made to have a million worth smile on my face and my friends as well.


Of all the messages that I receive daily, I love to read laughing jokes.There was friend of mine who always used to send me chistes cortos Buenos regularly. With reading those jokes daily I started liking that person more than before. Once she became the regular sender of funny jokes, her messages never go unnoticed from my sight. It used to give a great respite in my very tired schedule.
Even though I have hectic and tiring schedule during the morning hours but once I get her funnymessages it gives me refreshing break from the days stress.
Regardless of culture, age, gender, language, everyone likes in common is listening to good humorous jokes. My grandfather always used to tell thatby listening good jokes regularly will definitely soothesones soul.
There are certain peoples in my friend circle who even don’t realize the importance of smile and jokes. I am very much admired in my team for having a good sense of humor and with that capability I was enhance my friend circle. In gatherings and parties I used to be the center of attraction by majority.

Tips for creating funny jokes

Most of the time whiletelling jokes I make use of my personal experience. Whenever I start cracking jokesI usually start withclean jokesandtry to create funny scenarios in my head. This is the great way to increase with my imagination to think of something more funnily that’s makes others laugh.
Smile is the best medicine for every type of problem and is considered to be very magical. Once I was very much upset over my certain issues of my family and was completely out of mood. One of close friend since child hood that had came to visit mechanged my moodby telling funny jokesandchanged my mood completely by breakingthe awkward situation. It is a positive tool for any sort of situation.
Both the person sending joke and receiver will be relieved of anxiety and fear. It draws many people towards us and helps in creating a better relationship bond with the people around us. It increases the person’s mood and adds joy to their mood and makes their mood very much enthusiastic. Most important physical benefit if laughing is, it relaxes the body completely and reduces the stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Laughing reduces lowers the blood pressure and increases memory, alertness and creativity.

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Funny jokes and its amazing benefits

01 Jan

Funny jokes made my life happier, livelier, lighter and easier. In this busy life, full of stresses and struggles, jokes play a vital role. We are so busy in our routine works that we tend to forget often how to smile. Life is fast forwarding and things day by day get tougher, but I could manage all my stresses and spend happy time with the aid of jokes. By sharing some jokes it was possible for me to reduce my stress and have a laughter time with my loved ones aswell. Laughing is beneficial for health and it is necessary to laugh as it enhances positivity and makes us stay calm even during the hard situations. The one great line about laugh that fascinated me a lot is, “the day when we have not laughed is the most futile day”.

Funny stupid jokes result in laughter

Often times situations would make us laugh, however if I wont find any such situation or reason to laugh on, I simply take the aid of funny jokes. Sharing or listening humor or gags offer us a great sense of self-satisfaction. It even makes the ambience most colorful. I like to share jokes with my friends and spend some funny time with them. It even makes the moment more enjoyable. I sometimes simply sit alone and remember the happy funny moments, this makes me smile and relish those happy moments again.
Funny stupid jokes result in laughter and this in turn makes us forget all our work stresses of life. There are many benefits of sharing and listening funny gags and having laughter. When I started listening and sharing jokes I attained the following benefits;

• My list of friends speedily increased, this is because of the fact that people always love the companions of those people who would make them laugh. Sharing jokes not just made me have a best pastime but also aided me to get some good friends.
• Listening jokes made me stronger and improved my immune system making it healthy and free from stress. Laughter is the best technique to have some relaxing and rejuvenating time.
• When I laugh, it seems like body organs get massaged.
• Laughing also helped me control my stress, anger, irritation and depression as well.
Sharing jokes have factually helped me to have overall best and positive benefits. Thus, whenever I feel the shortage of happiness or laughter, I simple listen or share jokes and laugh as much as I can with my loved ones and try to stay happy!

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